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Average weight of male is 660 lbs and the female 550lbs. Shoulder height averages about 59in.


25-30 years.

Name: Hartmann’s mountain zebra
Scientific Name: Equus zebra hartmannae

Trophy Fee: $1,100


White coat with black or dark-brown stripes all the way down to the hooves. No stripes present on the belly. The Hertmann zebra has a orange-brown coloring on the bridge of the nose, fairly large ears and a dewlap. An erected mane runs from the top of the head to the shoulders.


They prefer warm rugged mountainous areas where they will feed on the slopes and plateaus. They are predominately grazers with a diet that includes grass, leaves, buds, fruit and roots. Can go without water for short periods, but need to drink and often dig for water in dry riverbeds.

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