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Scientific Name: Kobus ellipsiprymnus

Trophy Fee: $1,350


The waterbuck is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. They have shaggy coats colored a reddish brown or grey color. Both male and female Waterbuk have a white ring of hair on their rump that looks like a “bulls eye.”


Waterbuck inhabit scrub and savanna areas alongside rivers, lakes and valleys.


The waterbuck is native to southern and eastern Africa besides a few countries of western and northern Africa such as Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal.



Waterbuck bulls are slightly larger and more muscular than cows. A big bull can weigh in the neighborhood of 500-600 pounds and stand 4-5 feet tall at the shoulder. A full grown cow can weigh 400-500 pounds and stand nearly 4 feet tall. A mature Waterbuck male has an average horn length of 27 inches.


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