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Warthogs typically weigh between 100 and 250 pounds and stand two to three feet tall at the shoulder. Males are usually slightly larger than females. Both males and females have tusks, but the tusks on males are much more prominent. Females tend to have tusks that are thinner and curve inward while males tend to have tusks that are thicker and grow out and upward.


Wild warthogs can live up to 15 years, and captive warthogs may live as long as 18.

Scientific Name: Phacochoerus Africanus

Trophy Fee: $300


The Warthog is a medium sized member of the pig family and is found across most of South Africa. Warthogs have skin growths that look like warts that grow on their face below their eyes. The head is large with a mane that goes down the spine to the middle of the back. Color is usually black or brown. Tails are long and end with a tuft of hair. Common warthogs do not have subcutaneous fat and the coat is sparse, making them susceptible to extreme environmental temperatures.


Common warthogs are found in open and wooded savannas, grass-steppes, and semi-deserts in Africa. Common warthogs prefer open areas and avoid rainforest and severe desert. Common warthogs often utlilize formerly wooded areas that have been cleared for pastures.


The distribution of common warthogs is limited by cover, human disturbance, and suitable foraging. Warthogs require areas to cool-off in order to cope with high temperatures. These include wallows. They also require areas in which to stay warm in.

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