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They have a typical body length of 17-24.5"




7-20 years

Name: Vervet Monkey
Scientific Name: Chlorocebus pygerythrus

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The vervet monkey is a medium sized monkey that inhabits Africa. The vervet monkey is very adaptable and can live in cultivated areas and sometimes is found in close proximity to rural and urban populations from Ethiopia to South Africa. The pigmentation of the male Vervet Monkey’s scrotum is a vivid blue that pales when the animal falls in social rank. The hydration of the scrotal skin controls its color.


They are tolerant of a wide variety of habitats and can live in humid rainforests, semi-desert environments, or swamps from sea level to elevations up to 14,764 ft. Their only limitation seems to be water availability and the presence of sleeping trees


The Vervet Monkey ranges throughout much of Southern and East Africa, being found from Ethiopia and Somalia south to South Africa.

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