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Both sexes have black, curved, lyre-shaped horns. Rams are slightly larger than ewes and have thick horns, the ewes tend to have skinnier legs and longer, more frail horns. Larger males can have horns 14-19 inches in length.


Springbuck males weigh between 72-105 lbs and the females between to 66-97 lbs.


10 years.

Name: Springbuck
Scientific Name: Antidorcas Marsupialis

Trophy Fee: $450


The springbuck is a strikingly marked, gazelle-like antelope. It has a white face with dark stripes from the mouth to the eyes, a reddish-brown coat that turns to a darker shade and then to white on the lower third of its body, and a white backside. It stands approximately 31 inches high at the shoulders and is characterized by a fold of skin that runs from the midback to the rear. This fold can be opened in times of excitement to display a crest of white hair. Their coloring consists of three colors, white, reddish/tan and dark brown. Their backs are tan colored and at the bottom they are white, along each side there is a dark brown stripe extending from the shoulder on towards the inside thigh.


In South Africa springbuck inhabit the vast grasslands of the Freestate and the open shrublands of the greater and smaller Karoo. In Namibia they live in the grasslands of the south, the kalahari desert to the east and the dry riverbeds of the northern bushveld of the Windhoek region. In Botswana they mostly live in the Kalahari Desert in the southwestern and central parts of the country.


Springbuck range includes south and southwestern Africa, mainly in the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Angola and the Republic of South Africa.

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