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Name: Sable
Scientific Name: Hippotragus niger

Trophy Fee: $3,800+


A jet black mature Sable bull is without a doubt the most impressive trophy in any African collection. Trophy quality is judged by the color of the skin; ideally the bull is of jet black color and not a tanned chocolate color, thus indicating immaturity. Sables have a stiff mane running down the top of the neck onto the shoulders. General color varies from jet black to seal brown, depending on age and sex.


The average lifespan of the sable antelope is 16 years in the wild and 19 years in captivity.

Trophy Size

Both sexes carry horns. The horns of the sable bull are exceptional and the longest of any African antelope, except the kudu. The horns curve back in a long sweeping arch with secondary growth indicated by the smooth last few inches of the horn tips. This is something you really want to have when hunting a superb trophy sable.

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