The bobwhite can range from 9.4 - 11.0" in length with a 13 - 15" wingspan.

Name: Bob White Quail
Scientific Name: Colinus virginianus


  • 4 guns, 2 day min. = $500/gun/day (up to 6 guns)

  • 3 guns, 2 day min. = $650/gun/day

  • 2 guns, 2 day min. = $800/gun/day

  • 1 gun, 1 day min. = $1,500/day


The bobwhite quail is a ground-dwelling bird native to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It is a member of the group of species known as New World quails. They were initially placed with the Old World quails in the pheasant family , but are not particularly closely related. The name "bobwhite" derives from its characteristic whistling call. Despite its secretive nature, the northern bobwhite is one of the most familiar quails in eastern North America because it is frequently the only quail in its range.


The northern bobwhite can be found year-round in agricultural fields, grassland, open woodland areas, roadsides and wood edges. Its range covers the southeastern quadrant of the United States from the Great Lakes and southern Minnesota east to Pennsylvania and southern Massachusetts, and extending west to southern Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.


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