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Name: Nyala
Scientific Name: Tragelaphus Angasii

Trophy Fee: $2,500


Nyala have a slate-brown shaggy coat marked with white vertical stripes and spots on the flanks. Bulls appear more charcoal-grey in color. The bulls have long inward curved horns and a white chevroned face. They have a ridge of long hairs along their underside, from behind the chin to between the hind legs, they also have a mane of thick, black hair from the head along the spine to the rear. Nyala are medium sized in comparison to other antelopes, with a size difference between the sexes.


Nyala are found near thickets in dry savanna woodland, and prefer proximity to high quality grassland and fresh water, and are more easily seen at night.

Trophy Size

Male Nyala (bulls) are larger than females (ewes). A mature male normally weighs 200-300 pounds and females often weigh 100-150 pounds. Nyala are one of the four spiral horned antelope species that inhabit South Africa. Only the males carry the lyre-shaped spiral horns, which often taper off with ivory tips. Horn size can range from 25-30 inches with the latter being an exceptional trophy.


16 years.

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