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Name: Leopard

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus

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The leopard is the smallest of the "Big Five" animals. They are shy, solitary, nocturnal animals, widely distributed across the African continent. The leopard can live without water by extracting it from his prey, however, he will drink regularly if water is available. The leopard has a typically cat-like profile with a powerful, muscular body, relatively short legs and a very long tail. The pelt is covered with a series of black rosette spots. The background color, which is a light tan to golden-yellow, varies depending on the habitat, which has led to considerable taxonomic confusion and debate. Individuals can be identified by the pattern of the rosettes, especially those around the neck.

Trophy Size

The mature 'Tom' weighs between 120 and 180 pounds with individuals sometimes pushing the 200 mark. Females range from 70 to 130 pounds and generally appear more slender in stature. Trophies are measured by combining the maximum width of the skull and the maximum length.


Male 10 years and female 12 years.

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