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Name: Klipspringer
Scientific Name: Oreotragus oreotragus

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This sought-after member of the 'small five' (klipspringer, duiker, grysbok, steenbok, and oribi) is covered with a dense layer of short, quill-like hairs and black specs. They are unusually good to eat and serve as excellent bait for hunting leopard. They wander over long distances to forage mainly on leaves and occasionally grass. For the most part, they are independent of water, but will drink if water is available. The klipspringer is found mostly in pairs, but will sometimes form small family groups.


This mini antelope is found exclusively in rocky, arid, mountainous areas with sparse vegitation. It migrates to lowlands at times of food scarcity. The klipspringer can live at altitudes as high as 14,800 ft on Mount Kilimanjaro.


The antelope occurs in significant numbers across eastern and southern Africa; its range extends from northeastern Sudan, Eritrea, northern Somalia and Ethiopia in the east to South Africa in the south, and along coastal Angola and Namibia.

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