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Name: Javelina (Peccary)
Scientific Name: Pecari tajacu


Price: (All Inclusive)

  • 4 guns = $1,000/gun (up to 6 guns)

  • 3 guns = $1,200/gun

  • 2 gun = $1,400/gun

  • 1 gun = $1,600


Javelinas are not a pig, a feral hog, or a wild boar. Although similar in appearance to a pig, it is a collared peccary. Along evolutionary lines, a collared peccary is a distant relative of wild pigs and hippos. Javelinas, which are native to the Americas, are often confused with the pig family that originated in Afro-Eurasia, especially since some domestic pigs brought by European settlers have escaped over the years and now run wild as "razorback" hogs in many parts of the United States. Javelinas are a grizzled brown and black with a white band of coarse hair, its "collar," around the neck. The javelina has four-hoofed toes on its front feet, but only three-hoofed toes on the hind feet, where the outer dewclaw present on a pig is absent in javelinas.


Trophy Size

Javelina on average weigh 40 to 50lbs with larger trophy Javelina boars weighing upwards of 60lbs. Both Javelina boars and sows have sharp javelin type teeth which is where their name derived from. They make great European, Shoulder, and full body mounts. Javelina is a Texas Game Animal and is regulated by TPWD. There is a limit of two Javelina per year.

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