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The grey rhebok is a medium-sized antelope weighing 42–66 lb with a long neck, narrow ears, and the males have straight, sharp horns. The horns are ringed at the base and are around 6–10 in long.


9 to 10 years.

Name: Grey Rhebuck
Scientific Name: Pelea Capreolus

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The grey rhebok is a medium-sized antelope, grey-brown in color with thick, woolly hair. His belly and the under surface of his tail are white, which flag prominently as they make off in their characteristic rocking horse motion. They are accomplished jumpers, able to gracefully clear quite high obstacles.

Only the males carry horns, which are upright and pointed. This distinguishes them from the reedbuck. They tend to herd in family groups of up to about 12 animals, consisting of a male, females, and young.


Grey Rhebuck are not common, but is widespread in a suitable habitat. Found in the Eastern and Western Cape, suitable areas westward of the Cape Peninsula, Mpumalanga and Northern Province, high-lying areas of Lesotho, Free State, and the higher Drakensberg areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Adapted to mountain slopes, hills and plateaus.

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