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The range of the wildebeest includes the plains and acacia savannas of eastern Africa. This range extends from the equator to the tip of South Africa.


Life span in excess of twenty years.

Name: Golden Wildebeest
Scientific Name: Connochaetes Taurinus

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In 1991, there were three golden wildebeest in private ownership. Twenty-four years on, an estimated 1,500 of these unique animals graze on South African ranches. Back then, the golden wildebeest was scarcer than the king cheetah. Originating from the Limpopo river basin, adjacent to the Tuli Block of Botswana, the golden wildebeest has existed in and amongst migratory herds for ages. The earliest records of sporadic sightings of golden wildebeest date as far back as the 1920s, when farmers in Botswana and Zimbabwe spoke of seeing yellow cattle walking the veld. On the South African side, farmers referred to them as the “Vos Wildebeest”.


Wildebeests thrive in areas that are neither too wet nor too dry. They can be found in places that vary from overgrazed areas with dense bush to open woodland floodplains. Wildebeests prefer the bushlands and grasslands of the southern savanna.

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