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The male Gemsbok typically stands at 46-48 inches shoulder height, and weighs from 400 to 525 pounds.


The average life span is approximately 18 years in the wild, and 20 in captivity.

Name: Oryx – Gemsbuck
Scientific Name: Oryx Gazella

Trophy Fee: $850


A desert animal, that is not dependant on surface water. This animal is frequently shot at long range. They have exceptional eyesight and their herding tendancies make for a very difficult stalk. The Gemsbuck Oryx has a sloping back and striking black-and-white markings. It is heavily built through the chest and shoulders, giving it the appearance of having no neck. Ears are large and rounded. Tail is long and tufted. Overall coloration is a pale grayish-fawn. There is a black dorsal stripe, wide black bands on the flanks, and black markings on the throat, upper legs and rump. Black facial stripes connect with a black band encircling the muzzle. The tail is long and black. The horns (both sexes) are very long and straight and diverge rather widely at the tips, although this varies with the individual.


Gemsbuck prefer stony plains with at least limited water access, but can subsist in areas of dunes, rocky mountainous areas, and arid habitats with little seasonal water. Gemsbuck also frequent open areas more than areas with increased tree density.

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