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Q: What equipment do I need for my hunt?

A: We will provide you with a list of items that we feel would be beneficial to bring on your trip.

Q: Do I need a hunting license, and where can I get one?

A: Yes, you will need a hunting license regardless of the hunt you choose. You can find more information on how to secure a Texas hunting license at

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve dates for my hunt?

A: We book all hunts on a first come first serve basis. A deposit for 30-50% of the cost of your hunt will secure the dates you select. We will hold your dates for no more than 10 days without a paid deposit unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Q: Is my deposit refundable if I cancel for any reason?

A: All deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another person of your choice if you are unable to attend.

Q: Can I bring a non-hunter or spouse on my hunt?

A: Non-hunters are welcome to participate in non-motorized activities for an add-on fee.

Q: How is safe weapon handling ensured?

A: We provide hands-on training prior to the shoot and specific helicopter safety training before any air time.

Q: What are the weight limitations for a helicopter hunt?

A: For safety purposes there is a seatweight limit of 250 pounds. This weight is fully clothed and there will be no exceptions. If you are over the weight limit, your deposit will be forfeited and you will not receive any air time.

Travel Arrangements:

Q: Do I need a visa to visit South Africa?

A: Only a passport is required currently, but please confirm local requirements prior to departure.


Q: Do I need a permit for guns and ammo?

A: Upon arrival in South Africa, security services at customs will issue you with a temporary import permit for your weapons valid for the duration of your stay. Refer to for further information.


Q: Should I change foreign currency upon entering the country?

A: Yes, you will need money for porters and personal purchases. Otherwise credit cards are widely accepted.


Q: Is there a charge for transportation to and from the airport?

A: No.



Q: When is the hunting season?

A: Our best months are from March through the end of October which are the cooler winter months. However, exempt farms can be hunted throughout the year.


Q: What weapon should I bring?

A: A medium caliber rifle ranging from a .270 Winchester to a .375 H&H Magnum is recommended for most trophies. Buffalo, Lion, and Elephant require a minimum caliber of .375 by law.


Q: What ammo and bullets are suitable?

A: Hornady, Speer, Sierra, Trophy Bonded, Barnes X, or Nosler Partitions are preferred.


Q: How much ammo do I need?

A: 40 rounds per caliber is more than adequate. Ammo can also be purchased locally if necessary. Both rifles and ammunition can be supplied at minimum cost.


Q: What scope do I use?

A: A top quality variable scope in the 3-9 or 3-12 range is recommended.


Q: Are we going to travel long distance?

A: The travel arrangements will depend on the type of trophy you hunt. All hunting packages are compiled to minimize travel between trophies. All traveling will be mainly on tar roads and offers the opportunity to experience South Africa in a unique way.


Q: How do we travel while on the hunt?

A: A 4X4 vehicle is used to get around and to scout for game, whereafter the hunt is planned and conducted by means of walk and stalk.


Q: Do we eat the game we shoot?

A: Yes! Much of the game is prepared in different, outstanding ways. This adds to the experience of the hunt.


Q: Is a 7 day hunt 7 full days of hunting, or does that include the day of arrival and departure?

A: 7 day hunt means 7 hunting days excluding arrival and departure days.


Q: What if I finish my package in 5 days?

A: We will keep you entertained for the remainder of your stay.

Health and Safety:

Q: Do I need to take any special medical precautions?

A: No, our location is a malaria and bilharzia free area and has access to professional medical facilities within half an hour. You only need to bring your personal medical needs.


Q: Is the water safe for drinking?

A: Yes, the water is safe and conforms to government standards. We also supply bottled water on all occasions.


Q: What about poisonous snakes?

A: We do have some poisonous snakes. Fortuntely, however, they are hibernating during the time of the year that hunting takes place and it is extremely rare to even see one.  

Useful Info

Import/Export Permit

Health Hints

Hunting Methods

Hunting Tips

Suggested Rifles and Calibers

Temporary Firearm Import Permits




Q: Should I bring my own gun?

A: We highly suggest you to bring your own guns. For Mule Deer and Desert Big Horn Sheep any caliber between .270 Win. to .300 Mag. and bullets with weights between 130-180 grains. For Coues Deer any caliber between .243 and .300 Mag. and bullet weight from 100-180 grains.

Q: How long a shot will I be taking?

A: Shots will be from 50-300 yards. We suggest you to sight in your guns zeroing them at 200 yards. and practice a lot of off-hand shooting before your hunt.

Q: What other equipment should I bring?

A: Bring a good quality variable scope and a gun sling.

Q: How should I transport my gun to Mexico?

A: To transport and protect your rifle during the trip to camp use a rigid hardshell case, and a soft one for everyday transportation.

Remember to register your guns and valuables at the U.S. customs before entering Mexico.


Q: Can I buy ammunition there?

A: There is no ammunition for sale in Mexico, so bring 100 cartridges for each rifle (you can only bring 2 rifles into Mexico).

Q: How early should I book my hunt?

A: The Mexican wildlife department assures a limited number of licenses to the few registered and authorized land owners like us, so it´s important to reserve early before we run out of them (deadline is Oct. 1st). Our sheep season is from early December to late March.


Q: Does my hunt include licenses?

A: We will gladly take care of all your paper work involved in getting the licenses, but it is necessary for you to strictly follow our instructions about this matter.

Q: What information do I need to provide when I book my hunt?

A: The more we know about you (any special needs), the easier it will be for us to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Q: What is included and not included in my hunt?

A: All of our Mexico hunt packages include gun permits, lodging, meals, soft drinks, ground transportation, transportation to the hunting areas, guides. The only items not included are tips for guides and alcoholic beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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