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Name: Elk
Scientific Name: cervus elaphus nelsoni

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Because there are very low numbers of pure wapiti left in the wild in New Zealand, free-range hunting is extremely difficult and restricted to a few very remote areas in the rugged south west portion of the South Island where there is a ballot system in place.

Elk hunting in New Zealand typically runs from late February through August.  Since the elk rut (bugle) coincides with the red stag, fallow buck, and sika stag ruts many clients find it makes a nice addition to their New Zealand hunting safari. 

Your New Zealand hunting guide will give you an indication of what score he will be, we are focused on what the client likes in antlers foremost and class. If the bull goes over that score break the client is not obliged to pay an upgrade unless previously discussed, it is about the hunt and what our client likes over score.

From there we plan our approach to get into a suitable range between 80 - 250 yards and take time to make the shot. Bow hunting on these guys will get your heart pumping with average shots at approximately 40 yards where we can use cover, calling and blinds to get in close.  Non hunters are encouraged to take part in the hunt and capture some amazing photos of your New Zealand Safari.


This huge (up to 1,000lb) deer is the largest of the round-horned deer in the world, with antlers running 5×5 (10 points) and larger in New Zealand they are closely related to Red Stag. The best elk trophies often exceed fifty inches in length. New Zealand Safaris offers clients access to hunt on the elk property that is well known throughout all the New Zealand hunting outfitters. This large, privately owned estate has exceptional trophy elk and while on safari you will typically see between 6-15 trophy elk bulls that can range in score between 350-500+ S.C.I. inches both typical and non-typical. 

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