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African elephants live for 55-60 years, and over 80 years in captivity.

Name: Savannah Elephant
Scientific Name: Loxodonta Africana

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African elephants are the largest living land mammals. As well as being physically striking, they have remarkably complex and interesting social lives. Savannah elephants are the largest of the elephant species, making them the largest land animal in the world. They have four toes on the forefeet and five toes on the hindfeet. African elephants have larger ears and tusks than Asian elephants. The dark grey skin provides excellent camouflage in the dense brush of the bushveld. They move through the bush with amazing speed for their size and can be extremely quiet. While their eyesight is relatively poor, hearing is very good and their sense of smell is without equal.


Savannah grassland and desert.


Sub-saharan East and Central Africa.


They can stand more than eleven feet at the shoulder and can weigh in at over seven tons.

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