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Name: Duiker(red)
Scientific Name: Cephalophus natalensis

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The red forest duiker, Natal duiker, or Natal red duiker  is a small antelope found in central to southern Africa. While the red forest duiker is very similar to the common duiker, it is smaller in size and has a distinguishing reddish coloring. Additionally, the red forest duiker favors a denser bush habitat than the common duiker.


Red forest duikers reside in forest and dense bush habitats in both mountainous and coastal areas, where surface water is readily available.


This species can be found in southeastern Tanzania, Malawi, extreme northeastern Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, southeastern Zimbabwe, and northeast South Africa. Red forest duikers can be found in Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi National Park, and Tembe Elephant Park.


Shoulder height of 17 inches, mass of 30 pounds. Both sexes have horns, usually about 2.5" long.



Red forest duikers have a potential longevity of 9 years, although some have lived up to 15 years in captivity.

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