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Name: Bushpig
Scientific Name: Potamochoerus larvatus

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The bushpig  is a member of the pig family and lives in forests, woodland, riverine vegetation and reedbeds in East and Southern Africa. Bushpig share the same nasty disposition and aggressive behavior common to most wild members of the swine family. The bush pig is an extremely hairy animal which resembles the domestic hog. His color varies from grey-brown to dark brown which becomes even darker as he ages. Bushpigs are mainly nocturnal. There are several subspecies.


The bushpig occurs from Ethiopia and Somalia to eastern and southern DR Congo and southwards to Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa. It also occurs on Madagascar and possibly the Comoros archipelago.


Adult bushpigs stand from 26 to 39 in at the shoulder, and weigh from 121 to 331 lb.

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