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Name: African Buffalo
Scientific Name: Syncerus Caffer


The Cape Buffalo is considered by some to be the most dangerous of all of the Big Five. While they seem docile enough, when agitated or wounded this bovine can be extremely aggressive, vindictive, and cunning. Cape buffalo are very tough animals with a reputation for taking a beating and continuing to fight.


African buffaloes are found in areas with rivers, lakes, and swamps. They are found at sea level as well as in mountainous altitudes. African buffaloes like dense cover, but are found in open woodlands as well. Like the Plains zebra, the Buffalo can subsist on tall, coarse grasses. Buffalo do not stay on trampled or depleted areas for long. Buffalo can be found from the highest mountains to sea level areas, and prefer habitat with dense cover such as reeds and thickets. Herds have also been found in open woodland and grassland.

Trophy Size

Cape buffalo have beautiful, black horns which may exceed over 40 inches in width on a large bull,


900-1,700 lbs


+- 15-20 years

Trophy Size Example

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