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Name: Blesbok
Scientific Name: Damaliscus Dorcas Phillipsi

Trophy Fee: $450


Primarily found in the Republic of South Africa, the blesbok resides on the open plains of the Highveld. The range of the blesbok includes parts of former Transvaal, Lesotho, the Free State, and the Eastern Cape. The blesbok is usually found in herds on enclosed lands. Due to its habitat, blesbok can be very difficult to hunt. This is because your shots will likely need to be long-ranged. The best calibers for long-ranged shots include .270 and .300 magnums with bullets of at least 130 grains. In order to hunt blesbok, you can depend on a whitetail deer rifle.


Bontebok and blesbok are found in South African grasslands. When first encountered by Europeans at the end of the 17th century all reports indicated that they were restricted to grasslands and were not seen until the karroid areas of the central parts of the Cape Province had been traversed. Their former distribution indicates that they were confined to the Highveld plateau grasslands where water was available.


They are a medium sized antelope and both males and females will have horns from 14-17” at maturity. The bulls horns are easily identifiable as they are much heavier. Though Blesbok rams and ewes are very similar in appearance, rams are slightly larger and than ewes. A mature ram normally weighs 120-150 pounds and an ewe often weighs 100-130 pounds. A mature Blesbok will stand 2.5-3.5 feet tall at the shoulder.


10-13 Years.

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