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Name: Black Wildebeest
Scientific Name: Connochaetes Gnou

Trophy Fee: $700


The Black Wildebeest is a medium sized species of antelope. They are found across most of South Africa’s central highlands. Black Wildebeest are not quite as large as Blue Wildebeest, but with full grown bulls weighing around 300-350 pounds, they aren’t small either. They have dark brown or black coats with unusual shaped horns that curve forward. They are herd animals and prefer to live on open plains and grasslands. Black Wildebeest must drink water each day and are primarily grazing animals. Early morning when the herd is grazing, or during the heat of the day when they’re resting, are the best times to bag a wildebeest. 


Black wildebeest lived in grasslands similar to the habitat of the common wildebeest, when it ranged free. However, with its thicker, darker coat, black wildebeest are able to range farther south than the Orange River, past the edge of the acacia savannah, into colder climates. They rarely seek shade, and need little winter shelter. Its preferred habitat types are grassveld savanna and Karoo of the central South Africa plateau. Their preferred habitat is open grassveld, and it actively avoids areas with tall grass and dense vegetation.


Average Shoulder Height: 119 cm (47″)’


Average Mass: 165 kg’


Black wildebeest can live for 20 years.

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