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Name: Alpine Goat

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The perfect "top off" to your New Zealand big game hunt. They are also ideal as a first trophy for novices and as an affordable New Zealand big game trophy for youth hunters. Introduced by the early settlers in the 1800's, alpine goats have now become widespread throughout the country.

In New Zealand both sexes have horns. In females they are slender and curve upwards and backwards, with a clear space between the bases. In males the horns are larger and sweep up and backwards or up and outwards in an open spiral. The horns may touch at the base. The horns are not shed annually like antlers but are retained for the life of the animal. We have a few very large properties that have high numbers of goats on and some outstanding trophy billy goats.

With a variety of cape colors the billies horns can have 25 inches+ per side. Shot distances are between 20-200 yards. To hunt them, we drive up into the hills to spot and stalk and judge trophies off horn size and age.


Adult male goats in New Zealand stand around 60-80 cm at the shoulder and weigh an average of about 42 kg. Females are smaller (shoulder height around 60-70 cm) and lighter (average around 30 kg) than males.

Weighing between 80 - 120lbs, they inhabit rocks and hills similar to a tahr although at lower elevations. Their population numbers can become high due to preferring heavier cover where they can go unseen unless disturbed.

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